Let’s Talk Politics

With the election right around the corner I want to share some of my political views. Now, mind you, I do not have a background in politics and I am by no means qualified to educate you on any political matters; these are my views, take them how you may.

I’m going to go over just a few political matters, more or less.

1: Gay Marriage

As a Christian man, I have absolutely no issue with the legalization of gay marriage. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I see in the news wedding photographers and wedding bakers being sued for refusing to shoot a wedding or for refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple. I have two opinions on this subject. On one hand, if a business does not want to do something that imposes their personal religion, I believe they should have the right to refuse service. Plain and simple. An individual should never be put in a position that they should ever have to compromise their religion, ever. On the other hand, just bake the fucking cake. I mean what are you so afraid of? It’s not like God is going to deny you entrance to heaven because you baked a gay couple a wedding cake, or because you took photos of them at their wedding. I personally believe God would applaud you. Because you showed them love, and compassion. Get off your self righteous high horse and approach them from a place of love and compassion.

2: Abortion

Nope. I believe it is never okay to have an abortion. I don’t even see how this is a thing. I hold the opinion that human life starts at conception. The way that I see it is abortion is murder. We as a people have legalized murder and it honestly makes my stomach turn. For a young woman, or any woman, to have unprotected sex, get pregnant and abort the baby because that’s not what you wanted or you weren’t ready to raise a child? Really? Try abstinence. Do the world a favor and never breed. “But Damian, what about cases such as rape and the safety of the mother?” Good question. When it comes to rape, why not have the baby and put it up for adoption? I understand not wanting to raise the baby due to the fact that the child would remind you of what happened, and I get that, but why end the life of an innocent child? And when it come to the safety of the mother, in that rare instance and if it is absolutely necessary, I understand that. I speak harshly against abortion because I firmly believe it is wrong. If you’ve had an abortion, I do not hate you. Even if you haven’t but you’re pro choice, I still don’t hate you. You have a right as an American citizen to choose for yourself and I will always support your freedom to do so.

3: Illegal Immigration

If I were to walk into a gas station and rob the guy at the counter at gunpoint, what would happen? The police would do everything they could to find me and put me away, because it’s illegal. If I were to burn someone’s house down, what would happen? The police would do everything they could to find me and put me away, because it’s illegal. If I were to stab or shoot someone, what would happen? The police would do everything they could to find me and put me away, because it’s illegal. The same goes for illegal immigration. Except for some reason that law isn’t enforced as well as it should be. There are about 11,000,000 illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. It’s a little ridiculous. Now, I know that a lot of them contribute to and benefit our society. I have no problem with immigration, after all, our country is one of immigrants. If every immigrant who came to our country legally, I would welcome them with open arms. But there are laws in place and laws must be followed. I do believe the process to become an American citizen should be easier, however, there needs to be a strong vetting process before any individual becomes a citizen.

There are definitely more subjects to go over, but I’m going to leave at three. I may write a part two, I may not. Let me know in the comments what you stand for and remember; November 8th, GO VOTE!

Yours truly,


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